Rick & Audrey: Imagine That

Rick & Audrey: Imagine That
Title: Imagine That
Label: CD Baby

Awards: 2007 Parents' Choice Recommended Music: 'Imagine That!' 2007 WAMMIE Award Nominations: Children's Music Artist & Children's Music Recording 2007 Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest: Gold Medal for 'Caterpillar' 2006 Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest: Silver Medal for 'Use a Map' Rick & Audrey play music for the whole family, but some of their favorite audiences average under the age of 10. At schools, pools, libraries, farms, and festivals, Rick & Audrey specialize in instilling a sense of wonder and excitement for younger audiences. As a teacher of elementary music in DC schools, Audrey has collaborated with students to create songs and dances that inspire children to participate wholeheartedly. And with Rick's inner child very close to the surface, their performance is always engaging and inevitably educational. But don't think it's just the kids having fun. There have been frequent sightings of so-called 'adults' dancing on tables, shouting out garden ingredients, and roaring like allosauruses! After working with children for years in elementary, pre-schools, camps and day cares, Audrey has an intuitive knack for interpreting what kids need through the life of our set, and has tricks for jazzing them up and calming them down. Rick on the other hand, with his intrinsic charm and open-hearted improvisation, brings verve and action to each song. He plays accompaniment on guitar, bouzouki, djembe and saw, sings harmonies, dances, and acts out the parts. Shadows, gardens and dinosaurs totally come to life! Engaging kids and bringing them along for the journey is their biggest strength. Audrey has organized the children's stage at the Takoma Park Folk Festival in past years and has studied the craft of children's performance. She definitely knows how to get the children involved. Rick & Audrey's songs are particularly appropriate for children ages 2 to 8 years old. And yet, parents enjoy the musicality and lyrical integrity that persists throughout - and of course they love watching their kids having a hoot. Children's gigs are never predictable. Rick & Audrey frequently adapt their set to match the age group or audience size they encounter. Small shy groups demand a lighter touch, while large numbers need boisterous energy - plus a dose of crowd control. (Who knew a song about snakes could convert a peaceable kingdom of kids into a slithering snake pit?!) Audrey started off writing songs to use in the classroom - in accordance with school curriculums on weather, plants, animal life, and space. Bringing the songs to the stage, however, they quickly began creating harmonies and accompaniments. In the process Rick discovered his inner vaudevillian. Years of watching Danny Kaye as a child had had an impact! As a duo, Rick and Audrey have established themselves as award-winning songwriters and notable performers in festivals and venues around the DC area. In addition to playing for kids, they also lead the 6-piece contemporary folk band, Sense of Wonder, which released it's debut CD, Open the Gate, in January of 2007.

1.1 Make a Garden Grow
1.2 Oh Those Owls
1.3 Sandwiches Are Beautiful
1.4 Rain Is A-Coming
1.5 Caterpillar
1.6 My Shadow
1.7 Dino-Dino-Dinosaur
1.8 Child of Earth
1.9 Spider Song
1.10 Use a Map
1.11 Snow Day
1.12 Go to Sleep

Rick & Audrey: Imagine That

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