Rick Fogel

Rick Fogel: Gollywog's Gymnopedia

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Artist: Rick Fogel

Artist: Rick Fogel
Title: Gollywog's Gymnopedia

Solo Hammer Dulcimer. This is my latest recording (2009). I have always enjoyed playing music solo. Having the freedom to follow my immediate feelings and my own internal rhythm pushes me to the edge of my abilities. I am always searching for this edge because I find that it inspires a greater passion in my music. The tunes on this album are some of my favorites and it gives me great pleasure to share this experience with you.

1.1 Now Let Us to the Bagpipe Sound
1.2 Golliwog's Cakewalk
1.3 Bachelbel
1.4 Minuet in F minor
1.5 Gymnopedia Number 1
1.6 [Excerpt]
1.7 Turkish March
1.8 December 8
1.9 Marcia at Folklife
1.10 Incline
1.11 Claire de Lune (With An Introduction from Stairway to Heaven By Led Zep
1.12 Farewell

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