Rick Trolsen

Rick Trolsen: Rick Trolsens New Orleans Po Boys

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rick Trolsen

Title: Rick Trolsens New Orleans Po Boys
Label: CD Baby

Featuring Charlie Fardella on Trumpet, Bruce Brackman on Clarinet, John Rodli and Russell Welch on Guitars, Steve Braun on Bass and Benji Bohannon on Drums, this recording epitomizes the sound of 21st century New Orleans Traditional Jazz. Including 6 originals of Rick Trolsen's, the music pays tribute to the traditional jazz genre while all along pushing it forward.

1.1 Today
1.2 St Louis Blues
1.3 San
1.4 Easy Come, Easy Goes
1.5 Smiles
1.6 I Cover the Waterfront
1.7 Bye Bye Blues
1.8 Bring Back the Old Days
1.9 At Sundown
1.10 Playground of Deliria
1.11 I Would Do Anything for You
1.12 Trouble
1.13 I'll Be Your Friend with Pleasure
1.14 The Curse of An Aching Heart
1.15 Runnin' Wild
1.16 Right Where I Wanna Be

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