Rickey Pittman

Rickey Pittman: Bard of the South

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rickey Pittman

Title: Bard of the South
Label: CD Baby

Rickey Pittman--songwriter, folksinger, storyteller, Civil War reenactor--has been playing some kind of music as long as he can remember. His father (from Haskell County Texas) taught him to play mandolin, a bit of steel guitar, bass guitar, but it was the six-string guitar that has stuck with him. Pittman has a huge songlist. He has held onto the traditional country and western songlist that he learned from his father, but today you will hear him at festivals and taverns performing Scots-Irish ballads, songs of the Civil War, or Americana. He incorporates stories into his presentations at schools, libraries and festivals when he can, believing that every song, like every person, has a story that needs to be told.

1.1 Bonnie Blue Flag
1.2 Arkansas Gypsy
1.3 Rose of Alabamy
1.4 Deo Vindici
1.5 Cry, Little Artillery Man
1.6 Ima Hogg Boogie
1.7 The Cruel War
1.8 Rebel Soldier
1.9 Jim Limber's Ghost
1.10 Poor Wayfaring Stranger
1.11 Sammy the Squirrel/Colored Aristocracy
1.12 Goober Peas
1.13 Southern Soldier Boy
1.14 I'm a Good Old Rebel

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