Ricky Luis

Ricky Luis: Out the Box

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ricky Luis

Title: Out the Box
Label: CD Baby

This debut album by former N'klabe standout certainly lives up to it's name, out the box!!! The arrangements and vocals are all very unique and certainly don't fall into the prototypical salsa norms. The album seeks to incorporate urban elements into the traditional rhythm of salsa and does a great job in doing so. Ricky definitely provides a fresh and unique take on the genre with his solid musical arrangements and melodic vocals. There's no filler material here, so press play and just let the music speak as Ricky takes you through a venture into the future of urban salsa.

1.1 La Clave
1.2 M Edo a Enamorarme
1.3 Amarte Fue Un Error
1.4 Con Ella
1.5 Ella Es
1.6 Ba la Conm Go
1.7 Al Igual Que Ayer
1.8 Cuando Escucho Tu Voz
1.9 [Untitled]
1.10 [Untitled]

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