Right Stripped

Right Stripped: Absence of Humanity

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Right Stripped

Title: Absence of Humanity
Label: CD Baby

Three years in the making, the long-awaited "Absence of Humanity" is 60 minutes of quality rock and roll. The album is aggressive, far less keyboard-driven than their previous releases, and expands further on the group's thrash and progressive metal influences (e.g. Silence the Hatred, Absence of Humanity, Of Saints and Martyrs). This new hard line approach to the Right Stripped repertoire makes the more keyboard-driven moments (e.g. Requiem, The Awakening) much more effective. The production on AoH is superb-crisp, clean, and hard-hitting-without the over-produced, excessively auto-tuned sound that this generation has grown accustomed to. The addition of a new bassist-Aaron Lanning-has brought the the group's sound to new heights. Lanning is consistently note-for-note with some of guitarist Josh Carney's hardest and most-interesting technical riffs (e.g. Forcing Isolation, Of Saints and Martyrs). Tim Diephouse's tumultuous metal drumming style is even more accented in the stellar production of this album. In addition, Diephouse's finesse with multi-metered drumming has grown since their previous releases (e.g. Phoenix, Silence the Hatred, pt. 2). Singer Joe Kiesgen's soaring vocals provide the album with a very wide dynamic range. AoH features a guest backing vocalist-Kelli Turczyn-on two tracks (e.g. Vindication, Silence the Hatred, pt. 2), which further expands the plethora of vocal color on this release. The album is full of catchy melodies and lush harmonies that have been typically non-existent in popular metal releases today. If you are into groups like Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Scar Symmetry, and Kamelot, then this album is a perfect addition to your music collection.

1.1 Phoenix
1.2 Silence the Hatred
1.3 Absence of Humanity
1.4 Darkest Hour
1.5 Vindication
1.6 Our Ways
1.7 The Awakening
1.8 Forcing Isolation
1.9 Requiem
1.10 Of Saints and Martyrs
1.11 Demon Eyes
1.12 Silence the Hatred, Pt. 2
1.13 Soul Aflame

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