Rio En Medio: Rio en Medio Radio

Rio En Medio: Rio en Medio Radio
Title: Rio en Medio Radio
Label: Womens Work

It has been said that no person can step into the same river twice. Rio en Medio's Danielle Stech-Homsy delivers a similar experience with her 2015 album of inspired folk music, some covers, some originals. Shifting waters graze the shore, mesmerizing ripples evoke a myriad of images and sentiments, depending on what time of day it is or season of the year. Language itself turns fluid, as Stech-Homsy sings in English, French, Welsh and so on. Stech-Homsy's approach is organic, with spartan baritone ukulele, guitar, cosmic keyboards and harmonizing vocals forming the backbone of the songs. Here and there a friend drops in to play along-in this case, Terry Cox, original member of the 1960s folk-baroque band Pentangle (and contributing drummer for David Bowie, The Bee Gees) lends his nuanced approach on drums, while Dave Roe (Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three) chimes in merrily on bass to fill the speakers at just the right moments. Nathan Shineywater (Library of Sands, BrightBlack Morning Light) contributes lead guitar and percussion in highlighted places. Harmonica is played by George Flynn, a 90+ year-old veteran and former chauffeur for Hank Williams. With Rio en Medio Radio, Stech-Homsy explores connection between nature, literature, traditional folk music and pure flights of fancy. Delicate vocal lines and harmonies form an unusually strong thread, carrying the music along it's watery way. The album convincingly weaves a path through time, picking up voices from the near and distant past and igniting meaning with subtle instrumentation.

1.1 Farther
1.2 Marigolds: A Scattering
1.3 Where the Love Lay
1.4 The Fox ; the Little Prince
1.5 Terrapin Karma
1.6 Come Back Baby
1.7 Darlin' Corey
1.8 Thread Song
1.9 Sera Pasai
1.10 Y Deryn Du
1.11 The Old Town Heart
1.12 Feels Like

Rio En Medio: Rio en Medio Radio

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