Riot Cop

Riot Cop: The Violence

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Riot Cop

Title: The Violence
Label: Pig Records

Riot Cop is a journalistic proclaimed punk rock group from Portland, Oregon that bases it's music on reporting the news and condemning racism and government authority. "The precarious nature of the so-called stability of America has shown itself. The Empire of lies is in a state of collapse. There is no longer a right wing or a left wing. Society is developing into the offending and the offended," according to front man Alex Lilly. "Another mass shooting another mass arrest, you hide behind your bulletproof mess, brand name ammunition pierce your Kevlar flesh, while the blood is spilled of your national best, it's a war of identity with laser-guided death," detailed in song.

1.1 Riots PDX Open
1.2 Class War
1.3 We Wear Black
1.4 Climate Fall
1.5 Overdose Room6. Rvssian Rovlett
1.6 Empty The Cage Cyber Viper
1.7 Entropy of Plastico
1.8 Oblivion
1.9 The Violence
1.10 Hungry Ghost
1.11 Fateoftheworld
1.12 Dissappearance Riot Cop 2019
1.13 Crowd Killing 2019
1.14 People’s Flag
1.15 War Child
1.16 Riots PDX Close

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