Ripper: Sensory Stagnation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ripper

Title: Sensory Stagnation
Label: Unspeakable Axe

Coming out of Chile in 2007, Ripper quickly established themselves as a formidable voice in the current thrash scene-one of the only bands marrying intricate, progressive riffs with overwhelming intensity and speed to rival almost any other outfit in the genre. Following their highly acclaimed second full-length and a successful European tour, they quickly got to work on writing the material that became this new EP, Sensory Stagnation. Five tracks deep and nearly twenty minutes long, this release sees the band elevating their play even further, with an almost Atheist-like technical prowess and intricacy, yet without compromising the power and velocity that fans expect from them.

1.1 Disassociation
1.2 The Unreal
1.3 Sensory Stagnation
1.4 Like a Sacrilege
1.5 Terror Streets

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