Risk, Laura / Schwab, Jacqueline

Risk, Laura / Schwab, Jacqueline: Celtic Dialogue

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Product Type: CD

Title: Celtic Dialogue
Label: Dorian Recordings

1.1 Up Tails A'
1.2 My Nanny O
1.3 A Wife of My Ain
1.4 She's Sweetest When She's Naked
1.5 Dusty Miller
1.6 Johnnie Faa
1.7 The Collier's Daughter
1.8 Robaidh Dona Gorach
1.9 The Highlander's Farewell
1.10 Lady Jean Lindsay's Minuet (Daniel Dow)
1.11 Johnnie Cope
1.12 Gowd on Your Gartens, Marion
1.13 Minuet in a, with Variations
1.14 Welcome Home, My Dearie
1.15 Miss Carmichael's Minuet
1.16 Cumha Na Cloinne
1.17 Old Sir Symon the King
1.18 Through the Wood, Laddie

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