Rita Clarke

Rita Clarke: Radiatin Street Side

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Artist: Rita Clarke

Artist: Rita Clarke
Title: Radiatin Street Side

Out of the well of traditional New Orleans musical cadences comes a bucketful of urban soul and gris gris. This is an ensemble and collaboration of roots music, funkified and dressed up in timeless rock and roll anthems. So Put on your dancin' shoes music lovers and dig these hyperenergetic musical tunes the krewe has cooked up for you.

1.1 Radiatin Street Side
1.2 Strollin Rampart
1.3 Jockamo Zydeco
1.4 Voodoo Queen
1.5 Can't Straighten Your Mind
1.6 Bitter and Blue
1.7 Turn It Around
1.8 That Soulful Thang
1.9 Do You Really Know
1.10 Just Want My Lala
1.11 Casa Del Sol
1.12 Simply Sumpin Else

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