Roach Thompson

Roach Thompson: Roach Thompson Blues Band

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Roach Thompson

Title: Roach Thompson Blues Band
Label: Essential Media Mod

Roach Thompson was born Warren Thompson, Jr. in Brunswick, Georgia. He gained experience in the recording studios of Miami with a group called the Notorious Miami Band. It was with TNMB that the song "Kill That Roach" was penned and recorded, permanently giving the nickname "Roach" to it's author. Thompson won the B. B. King Lucille award. He won the Jammy award for the Best Blues Band and Best Line Performance two years in a row. This is the album that started it all

1.1 Classy Chassy
1.2 Reconsider Baby
1.3 Walkin' So Long
1.4 Rockin' Good Way
1.5 All My Whole Life
1.6 I Don't Care
1.7 I'm Gonna Get My Baby
1.8 Down the Road You Go
1.9 Wait a Minute Baby
1.10 Roach's After Hours
1.11 Forever Man

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