Roadside Revue

Roadside Revue: Passing Through

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Artist: Roadside Revue

Artist: Roadside Revue
Title: Passing Through

The Roadside Revue is a high energy band of friends.. a collection of talented musicians and award winning songwriters who have been playing together for almost 20 years. From Key West to Jacksonville to Tallahassee, they annually play every major festival in Florida, as well as countless concerts and venues across the state. They have also played major venues from the North Carolina to Seattle, Washington. If you haven't laughed, cried, or been thoroughly entertained by the end of one of their sets, was probably the sound man's fault.

1.1 The Ancient Tunes
1.2 Freight Train
1.3 The Withlacoochee Way
1.4 Right Before Our Eyes
1.5 Passing Through
1.6 Big Rock Candy Mountain
1.7 The Fly
1.8 Only Baloney
1.9 Grandma's Song
1.10 Whippoorwill
1.11 Bad Sally
1.12 Swamp Envy
1.13 Why
1.14 I Live on a Gravel Road
1.15 Far Away to Sea

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