Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett: On the Mesa

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Artist: Rob Bartlett

Artist: Rob Bartlett
Title: On the Mesa

I have had this recording in my head for a long time. It took forever but it's finally complete. Best case, it sounds like a soundtrack to a badlands documentary. I'd hate to call it psychedelic country; it's more like a strange mix of ancient and modern instruments from the Diggery Doo to the Fender Stratocaster. Sort of "new age with an edge". A musical journey for the armchair traveller.

1.1 As the Crow Files
1.2 On the Mesa
1.3 Common Ground
1.4 The Gathering
1.5 Point of Departure
1.6 Badlands
1.7 Tales of Power
1.8 Heavy Weather
1.9 Big Sky Suspended
1.10 As the Crow Flies - Part 2

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