Rob Clearfield

Rob Clearfield: Thousand Words

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Artist: Rob Clearfield

Artist: Rob Clearfield
Title: Thousand Words

This music was recorded on a Fazioli 212 (6'11') Grand Piano at PianoForte Studios in Chicago. Although I had some ideas going in, I came to the session with no compositions, form or agenda. All the music heard here (and on the cutting room floor) was improvised. It's a way of playing that I've had the opportunity to perform for years, but have never recorded. Maybe if I get famous, I'll release all the outtakes in a box set. But for now, these are my favorites. None of them are perfect, nor is the flow of the album, and occasionally the sound of the train interferes. But that's okay. It's an honest record a real event - the event of one person playing music and one person listening. -Rob Clearfield, October 2009.

1.1 Was So Young
1.2 Arctic Circle
1.3 The Sheriff
1.4 Etch-A-Sketch
1.5 Song
1.6 Science Fiction
1.7 Have We Met Before?
1.8 Here

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