Rob Paravonian

Rob Paravonian: Songs from the Second Floor

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Artist: Rob Paravonian

Artist: Rob Paravonian
Title: Songs from the Second Floor

Music Blog Knox Road had this to say: 'The sound is a modern take on 90's catchy soft punk, power-pop with elaborate arrangements. And then of course, if you listen closely enough, you'll have a difficult time holding a straight face (in the good way - not the wtffff?? way.)' On the album are 14 tracks of mostly power-pop with a couple of ballads, and a cowboy song and a children's song thrown in for good measure. Also included is the famous Pachelbel Rant, which is a YouTube sensation with over 7 million views.

1.1 Less from You
1.2 Slummin'
1.3 Pushing Band Candy
1.4 Never Forgets
1.5 Drinking with Industry
1.6 She Brings Me Beer
1.7 Living Beyond My Means
1.8 We All Live in Queens
1.9 The Way She Says Goodbye
1.10 I Love America (So Much)
1.11 There's Always An A-Hole on the Internet
1.12 Children's Song
1.13 Bobby the Lobbyist
1.14 Breaking Up for the Holidays
1.15 Pachelbel Rant (Live) [Live]

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