Rob Parton: We'll Be Together Again

Rob Parton: We&
Title: We'll Be Together Again
Label: CD Baby

I am very proud that each and every one of these fantastic musicians are on this CD. I wish I had more space to acknowledge and thank them but that would give them more ammunition to harass me! They are my Chicago family and some of the very best musicians anywhere. Thank you for being a part of this recording. A very special thanks to my family Kristy, Mitchell, Louis, and Sarah. Their support has been the strength and inspiration of my musical life and career. Thank you Andy Baker and Ken Partyka for your proofreading abilities. Kristy's devotion to the band has been wonderful over the years. You will see a long overdue solo CD featuring the talents of Kristy Parton very soon! Thank you to Dave Schumacher for being a regular in the band for two years. I'm really sorry you weren't in town to do these recordings. Thanks to Marques Carroll, BJ Levy, Chuck Parrish, Scott Burns, Bob Lark, Luke Malewicz, Bryant Scott, Jeremy Kahn, Peter Saxe, and Paul Martin, for subbing on the band numerous times over the past two years and beyond. Thanks to the fantastic musicians in Chicago, too many to mention here, who helped out in rehearsals at the start of this band. Another special thanks to the Arito family for always giving me an awesome place to crash when in Chicago! After disbanding the JAZZTECH Big Band for a couple of months, I quickly realized that I could not be the creative musician/leader I am, without running a professional jazz orchestra. Initially I thought, If I were to create another band, I would want to perform music that was more cutting edge and original. This music would need to offer the musicians a musical challenge like no other band in Chicago. At first we were playing the music of Chuck Owens, Maria Schneider, and Bob Mintzer. Once the band got rolling, music started coming in from Kendall Moore, Chris Madsen, Eric Richards and others. I think we have settled somewhere in the middle from where we started the new RPBB in 2009 and the swing of the JAZZTECH Big Band of the 90's. This recording project was completed in two recording sessions which featured all live solos with the exception of my solos on Fantasy for Trumpet. It simply was too much to conduct and play at the same time! The musicians did a great job in spite of these six-hour recording sessions. Thanks again guys! I truly hope you enjoy this collection of music as it represents a new beginning for me and the Rob Parton Big Band in Chicago and someday possibly in Columbus Ohio. Thank you to all of the very special people who support my band. You know who you are! Peace and Love, Rob Parton.

1.1 Serenade to a Bus Seat
1.2 Tetragon
1.3 Ugly Beauty
1.4 I Love You
1.5 Movt I. Gold: Fantasy for Trumpet and Jazz Orchestra
1.6 Movt II. Copper: Fantasy for Trumpet and Jazz Orchestra
1.7 Movt III. Silver: Fantasy for Trumpet and Jazz Orchestra
1.8 Coda
1.9 We'll Be Together Again
1.10 Blue in Green
1.11 I Remember You

Rob Parton: We'll Be Together Again

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