Rob Still

Rob Still: What Words Can't Say

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Artist: Rob Still

Artist: Rob Still
Title: What Words Can't Say

Rob Still is a worship leader, songwriter, producer, pastor, missionary, teacher and artisan. 'I hope these songs are a testimony to God's faithful love through every season of life. They were inspired through times of success and failure, celebration and rejection, cancer and recovery, dreams realized and lost, relationships old and new. We Say Goodbye To Yesterday and move on to A New Day. Soli Deo Gloria ' Rob is the developer of the "Practical Theology of Worship" course. He served as Pastor of Worship and Arts at Belmont Church (Music Row, Nashville, TN), was the Youth Worship Pastor for many years. He has a Masters Degree in Worship Studies. He teaches internationally and has led worship and seminars for a wide variety of churches and denominations.

1.1 Say Goodbye to Yesterday
1.2 A New Day
1.3 What Words Can't Say (Radio Version)
1.4 Honor ; Majesty
1.5 Near to the Heart of God
1.6 Yeshua
1.7 Jesus
1.8 Never Alone
1.9 Heaven's Song Suite
1.10 No Easy Answers (Spoken Intro)
1.11 No Easy Answers (Live Song)
1.12 What Words Can't Say (Long Version)

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