Robbie Gevins: Alien Abduction Blues

Robbie Gevins: Alien Abduction Blues
Title: Alien Abduction Blues
Label: CD Baby

Most musical careers start a little earlier than age 50+ but I maintain that a musician's only real requirement (when making music of course) is to be alive! I am alive! of this writing anyway:) Music,for me, has always been like a beautiful dancer that beckoned then kept dancing out of reach. Until now. Along the way there have been people that have always believed in what I need to accomplish. I am blessed for them. Also there have been some that told me not to bother. Alas, I have been told my whole life about what was not possible ...and thankfully most of the time I didn't listen! I offer up to you my first album;an introspective collection of 11 songs and one short instrumental. There is a lot of personal stuff here, but if it doesn't touch something in you,I probably didn't do my job well. But...if...even one of my songs does touch or move even one of you (maybe even sway a little:) ) then maybe that is enough!..and I can say that i did do my job well... This album is pretty 'chill' and I think you'll enjoy it very much as such. My producer C Lanzbom is a Grammy winner and the only word I could use to describe any of the musicians who played with me on it is 'inspired'. I am writing all the time now so I ask that you keep a sharp eye out! :) peace, Robbie.

1.1 The Phoenix
1.2 Daylight
1.3 Alien Abduction Blues
1.4 Circles
1.5 Freedom Bells
1.6 The Good Rebel
1.7 So Blown Away
1.8 Dressed in White
1.9 A Piece of Oregon
1.10 Victory Dance
1.11 Wedding Day
1.12 Music

Robbie Gevins: Alien Abduction Blues

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