Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera: Back to Zero

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Robbie Rivera

Title: Back to Zero
Label: MVD (Generic)

Internationally-known producer/DJ Robbie Rivera's distinctive brand of sexy pounding dirty electro tinged house ignites dance-floors across the globe, while the world's top artists queue up to have Robbie put his distinctive sound to their tracks.

1.1 Aye Aye Aye (Radio Mix)
1.2 Back to Zero
1.3 Be Near
1.4 Move Move
1.5 In Too Deep
1.6 New Direction
1.7 No Nobody
1.8 Say You Know Me
1.9 Star Quality
1.10 Till We Meet Again
2.1 Aye Aye Aye (Rivera and Civiles Club Mix)
2.2 Back to Zero (Bigroom Mix)
2.3 Be Near (Club Mix)
2.4 In Too Deep (Club Mix)
2.5 Move Move (Club Mix)
2.6 New Direction (Club Mix)
2.7 No Nobody (Club Mix)
2.8 Say You Know Me (Club Mix)
2.9 Star Quality (Club Mix)
2.10 Back to Zero (Sunset Mix)

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