Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson: Take Me to the Son

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Robert Anderson

Title: Take Me to the Son
Label: CD Baby

I have been an acoustic guitarist/ singer/songwriter for most of my 48 years. I have spent much of that time preforming covers of other artists' work. Several years ago, the Lord put on my heart, through the prophesy of a Christian brother, that I was to write and record Christian music. At the time, I considered myself woefully inadequate to conquer such an imposing spiritual mountain. A few years later, I found myself challenging God's presence in my life, declaring 'Show yourself to me if You care about me!' Just then, I was thrust into the most vivid of visions, as I saw myself standing before an intensely bright light. A great voice, loud and loving, asked of me, 'Why haven't you used the talents I gave you?' I felt like I had been simultaneously punched in the gut and scooped up into the loving arms of the Father. Could it have been any more obvious what my purpose in this life was? Since then, He has been more than faithful in supplying me the songs He wanted me to create and supplying me with the people to facilitate the airing of these songs. The songs have ministered to me tremendously as I wrote them and continue to minister to me now as I hear the recordings played back. May they be a real blessing in your life as well. To Him be the glory!!!

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