Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer: Clues / Double Fun / Som

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Artist: Robert Palmer

Artist: Robert Palmer
Title: Clues / Double Fun / Som

Unavailable in the U.S.! This specially-priced three CD box set features two of Palmer's finest solo albums (1980's Clues and 1978's Double Fun), both of which are deleted in the U.S., plus the import-only compilation CD Some Guys Have All the Luck. 35 great tracks including 'Looking for Clues', 'I Dream of Wires', 'Can We Still Be Friends?', 'Some Guys Have All the Luck' and many more. Universal.

1.1 Looking for Clues
1.2 Sulky Girl
1.3 Johnny and Mary
1.4 What Do You Care
1.5 I Dream of Wires
1.6 Woke Up Laughing
1.7 Not a Second Time
1.8 Found You Now
1.9 Every Kinda People
1.10 Best of Both Worlds
1.11 Come Over
1.12 Where Can It Go
1.13 Night People
1.14 Love Can Run Faster
1.15 You Overwhelm Me
1.16 You Really Got Me
1.17 You're Gonna Get What's Coming
1.18 I Didn't Mean to Turn You on
1.19 Every Kinda People
1.20 Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor)
1.21 You Are in My System
1.22 You Can Have It (Take My Heart)
1.23 Discipline of Love
1.24 Best of Both Worlds
1.25 Not a Second Time
1.26 Woke Up Laughing
1.27 Under Suspicion
1.28 Pride
1.29 Looking for Clues
1.30 Sulky Girl
1.31 Found You Now
1.32 Too Good to Be True
1.33 Want You More
1.34 Can We Still Be Friends
1.35 Some Guys Have All the Luck

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