Robert Reed

Robert Reed: Sanctuary III

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Robert Reed

Title: Sanctuary III
Label: Tiger Mouth

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Robert Reed (Magenta / Kompendium / Kiama / ChimpanA) announces the release of Sanctuary III on April 20th, the follow up to the acclaimed Sanctuary I and II albums. Robert produced, mixed and engineered the album, and plays most of the instruments himself, with the help of legendary drummer Simon Phillips (Toto/Mike Oldfield), recorder player Les Penning and "Tubular Bells" producers Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth. The album is available in a 3 disc set. CD1 contains the album as mixed by Robert. CD2 contains a series of wonderful remixes of sections of the album, plus Tom Newman's mixes of the main album. The third disc is a DVD containing Rob's 5. 1 mixes of the album, plus a selection of videos giving an insight into how the album was created.

1.1 Sanctuary III Part 1
1.2 Sanctuary III Part 2
2.1 The Moonsinger Suite (Chimpan a Remix)
2.2 Troy's Lament
2.3 Perpetual Motion
2.4 El Paso
2.5 Moonsinger Rising
2.6 Sanctuary III Part 1 (Tom Newman Mix)
2.7 Sanctuary III Part 2 (Tom Newman Mix)
3.1 Sanctuary III Part 1
3.2 Sanctuary III Part 2 (5.1 DTS Surround Mixes)
3.3 Demonstration/Promos

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