Robert Schroeder

Robert Schroeder: D.Mo 2

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Title: D.Mo 2
Label: CD Baby

The German Electronics artist Robert Schroeder (discovered 1978 by EM pioneer Klaus Schulze) has produced numerous excellent solo CDs as well as his success album Double Fantasy / Universal Ave., which reached the US Charts in the end of the 80s. The music of Robert Schroeder is various, but always soulful. He combines spherical synthesizer sounds with modern rhythm-mical contrasts, often supplemented by spacey guitars and sometimes also by piano, cello or voices. Schroeder's music spectrum includes Electronic, Ambient, Chill-Out, Lounge, Adventure, Space and Trip-Hop. D.MO Vol.2 is the second publication of a series with old recordings of Robert Schroeder. The music of these over 70 minutes long CD was recorded between 1980 and 1983 in his studio in Aachen. The tracks were not published until today. The recordings were kept as far as possible authentic. The CD opens with the vocoder track 'Hello". With simple clear words Robert introduces himself rhythmically swinging. The characteristic sounds are from the PPG-Wave 2. 'The NOMAD Theme2' begins with typical analogue sequences in the unmistakably own sound of self built Synthesizers. The PPG choirs betray a brand name of Robert Schroeder belonged gladly. 'Door to Heaven' begins with similar sequences in the down tempo and ends in the rhythmic up tempo with an alive solo. A very experimental track. 'StarLights' is typical Galaxy-Cygnus-A feeling: The sequences, the choirs and the solo melodies. 'SpringTime' is coined and shaped by Minimoog bass and EMU Drums, good mood and spring feeling, sounds a little like Skywalker. The melodic earworm track is surely one of the highlights. 'Analogue Vibes' is the absolute top of D.MO Vol.2, a rhythmically interesting and unusual track. The music was partly played and recorded with self built equipment like Synthesizers, Sequencer and mixing desk. The drums were played with the EMU Drumulator and the Sequencial Drumtraks. The remaining sounds come from the PPG Wave-2, Multimoog, Minimoog, Juno60 and Roland Vocoder 350. The music from the first days of EM carries an unmistakable character. The spirit of the time of the 80's EM is conserved with D.MO Vol.2 and nearly 30 years later has rather won at beauty and warm atmosphere outstanding. Have much fun with the EM old timers from Robert Schroeder. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other albums from Robert Schroeder: (1979) Harmonic Ascendant (1980) Floating Music (1981) Mosaique (1982) Galaxie Cygnus-A (1983) Paradise (1984) Computer Voice (1985) Brain Voyager (1987) TimeWaves (1988) Driftin (1990) Pegasus (1991) Hamaja (1993) MindWalk (1994) Everdreams (1998) D.MO Vol.1 (2005) brainCHIPS (instrumental) (2005) brainCHIPS (vocal) (2007) SphereWare (2008) D.MO Vol.2 (2009) Taste It (2009) 30 Years After (2010) New Frequencies Vol.1 (2010) Cream, Cygnus-A (2011) Club Chill Vol.1 (2011) Bochum Live 2011 (2011) Esthétique (2012) D.MO Vol.3 (1987) Double Fantasy 'Universal Ave' (2006) Food For Fantasy 'The Secret Of Dreamin' (2008) Food For Fantasy 'Fruits Of Fantasy' (2010) Food For Fantasy 'Fresh Food"

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