Robert Schroeder: Ferro Oxid

Robert Schroeder: Ferro Oxid
Title: Ferro Oxid
Label: CD Baby

The German Electronics artist Robert Schroeder (discovered 1978 by EM pioneer Klaus Schulze) has produced numerous excellent solo CDs as well as his success album Double Fantasy / Universal Ave., which reached the US Charts in the end of the 80s. The music of Robert Schroeder is various, but always soulful. He combines spherical synthesizer sounds with modern rhythm-mical contrasts, often supplemented by spacey guitars and sometimes also by piano, cello or voices. Schroeder's music spectrum includes Electronic, Ambient, Chill-Out, Lounge, Adventure and Trip-Hop. Electronic Music in the widest sense is the musical style of this artist who has his roots in the music of Klaus Schulze, Can and Pink Floyd. 2012 - Nothing rusts so fast like a musician who does nothing. This does not happen to Robert, he presents here his new album Ferro OXID. Those looking for relaxation and interesting electronic instrumental music, they can find this on Ferro OXID for sure. If you can not relax and listen only has himself to blame and missed something. Because this 28th solo CD of German EM artists Robert Schroeder offers even more Electronic Music at it's best. Where Schroeder on his CD series nEW fREQUENCIES and ClubChill ever like to play with voice samples, you will wait in vain for such on Ferro OXID. Ferro OXID is produced in the real good style of the 80s EM. Sequencer and analogue Synthesizer sounds estimated by Berlin School style are emphasized and the impression of the good old Schroeder style is strongly expressed here. Exciting electronic soundscapes, bizarre tones, tension and relaxation, diversion, dreamy romantic synthesizer melodies (mostly played with the Minimoog) and infectious grooves are the right ingredients when it comes to the highest of all the relaxation, excellent listening and best Electronic Music. The eight tracks of the 70 minutes long CD Ferro OXID content offer traditional EM only. Most tracks have a longer playing time. The first two titles are musically connected and result in a marathon track over 20 minutes of best music. These particularly pleased the friends of long traditional EM tracks. Lambert (Spheric Music): "with Ferro OXID you have created a special, new kind of music" Robert : "at least twenty times I get goosebumps" Mr. Spock: "fascinating" Please take your time for listening. Increase the volume and enjoy your journey through the music. Have great fun. Best tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other albums from Robert Schroeder: (1979) Harmonic Ascendant (1980) Floating Music (1981) Mosaique (1982) Galaxie Cygnus-A (1983) Paradise (1984) Computer Voice (1985) Brain Voyager (1987) TimeWaves (1988) Driftin (1990) Pegasus (1991) Hamaja (1993) MindWalk (1994) Everdreams (1998) D.MO Vol.1 (2005) brainCHIPS (instrumental) (2005) brainCHIPS (vocal) (2007) SphereWare (2008) D.MO Vol.2 (2009) Taste It (2009) 30 Years After (2010) New Frequencies Vol.1 (2010) Cream, Cygnus-A (2011) Club Chill Vol.1 (2011) Bochum Live 2011 (2011) Esthétique (2012) D.MO Vol.3 (2012) New Frequencies Vol.2 (2012) Ferro Oxid (1987) Double Fantasy 'Universal Ave' (2006) Food For Fantasy 'The Secret Of Dreamin' (2008) Food For Fantasy 'Fruits Of Fantasy' (2010) Food For Fantasy 'Fresh Food" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

1.1 Ferro Oxid
1.2 Nature Processed
1.3 Reduction
1.4 Carbon Dioxide
1.5 Interaction
1.6 Time Is Changing
1.7 Matter Decay
1.8 Acceleration

Robert Schroeder: Ferro Oxid

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