Robert Schroeder: Hamaja

Robert Schroeder: Hamaja
Title: Hamaja
Label: CD Baby

The German Electronic artist Robert Schroeder (discovered 1978 by EM pioneer Klaus Schulze) has produced numerous excellent solo CDs as well as his success album Double Fantasy / Universal Ave., which reached the US Charts in the end of the 80s. The music of Robert Schroeder is various, but always soulful. He combines spherical synthesizer sounds with modern rhythmical contrasts, often supplemented by spacey guitars and sometimes also by piano, cello or voices. Schroeder's music spectrum includes Electronic, Ambient, Chill-Out, Lounge, Berlin School, Adventure and Trip-Hop. Contemporary EM, Electronic Music in the widest sense is the musical style of this artist who has his roots in the music of Klaus Schulze, Can and Pink Floyd. This 10th solo album Hamaja is something for experts and lovers from dreamin and relaxing music. HAMAJA was generally evaluated by KEYBOARDS (Germany, issue 3/92) as the best Robert Schroeder album. The fact that still the name 'King of meditation' is entitled to the artist after his 10th production, it was confirmed again by the STYLE Magazine in an article as an answer to HAMAJA. HAMAJA is an animation for your senses, Synthesizer music for your mind, for the heart and your soul. HAMAJA - meditative sphere sounds, romantic melodies and dynamic rhythm parts - a synthisensible work for sensitive hours. 'HAMAJA' comes from the Hebrew and signifies 'a place of refuge'. And exactly for that Robert Schroeder has created his work HAMAJA. 'HAMAJA - this is no place in which you sit or where you can look. HAMAJA is the place which you prepare for yourself where you are alone with your thoughts, feelings and senses. Create this place where always you would want and whenever you need him. If you have found your quite individual place, enjoy HAMAJA, join your forces with your imagination and you will find your quite personal place - a place of refuge - HAMAJA'. Enjoy it. Best Tracks: 1, 3, 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other albums from Robert Schroeder: (1979) Harmonic Ascendant (1980) Floating Music (1981) Mosaique (1982) Galaxie Cygnus-A (1983) Paradise (1984) Computer Voice (1985) Brain Voyager (1987) TimeWaves (1988) Driftin (1990) Pegasus (1991) Hamaja (1993) MindWalk (1994) Everdreams (1998) D.MO Vol.1 (2005) brainCHIPS (instrumental) (2005) brainCHIPS (vocal) (2007) SphereWare (2008) D.MO Vol.2 (2009) Taste It (2009) 30 Years After (2010) New Frequencies Vol.1 (2010) Cream, Cygnus-A (2011) Club Chill Vol.1 (2011) Bochum Live 2011 (2011) Esthétique (2012) D.MO Vol.3 (1987) Double Fantasy 'Universal Ave' (2006) Food For Fantasy 'The Secret Of Dreamin' (2008) Food For Fantasy 'Fruits Of Fantasy' (2010) Food For Fantasy 'Fresh Food"

1.1 Hamaja
1.2 Animation
1.3 Music for Your Senses
1.4 Any Time You Listen
1.5 Join Your Forces (And You Will Find)
1.6 Place of Refuge

Robert Schroeder: Hamaja

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