Robert Stanley

Robert Stanley: Roadman's Hammer

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Artist: Robert Stanley

Artist: Robert Stanley
Title: Roadman's Hammer

Someone said 'Robert went down to the crossroads, kicked the devil's ass, and stole his blues.' This is a bluesy, powerful, and masterful album of rock music that Nashville's Shake Magazine called the Best Album of the Year. It's gritty and dark as coal smoke, yet beautiful and soothing as a far-away train whistle. Robert's brand of music, Rockabluesic, is punctuated by some of the best guitar you will ever hear. On top of that, the vocals can be haunting or bone-shaking. If you want to hear well-crafted modern blues-based rock music listen to this one. It's an exciting ride!

1.1 Baby's Like a Train
1.2 Who That Girl?
1.3 Rollin' Home
1.4 Changes
1.5 She Know How to Love Me
1.6 I Heard
1.7 On and on
1.8 I Could Say I Love You
1.9 Children of My Love
1.10 Sweet Peace, Sweet Love
1.11 The Mountain and the Valley
1.12 So Many Roads

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