Robespierre: Garden Of Hell

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Robespierre

Title: Garden Of Hell
Label: Shadow Kingdom

SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to present the LONG-awaited debut album of Robespierre, Garden of Hell. A cult name among NWOBHM diehards, Robespierre were actually active during the original NWOBHM movement, recording two demos in 1983 that remained unreleased or circulated only among close contacts. Those two demos were released in 2011 as the Die You Heathen, Die! Compilation, introducing the Liverpool band to a whole new generation lusting for vintage heavy metal sounds. However, Robespierre never recorded a proper debut album

1.1 Punish Oppressors 4:21
1.2 Mare of Steel 3:53
1.3 Dwelling in the Shadows 6:05
1.4 Feed the Fire 3:37
1.5 The Black Mirror 6:26
1.6 Men of Violence 3:17
1.7 Dagon Rises 5:19
1.8 Fear 5:41
1.9 Welcome to the Cult 4:12
1.10 I Am a Flower (In the Garden of Hell) 6:01

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