Robin McCollum: Deeper

Robin McCollum: Deeper
Title: Deeper
Label: CD Baby

Robin's Testimony The reason I live today is because of the incredible love that the Father God has shown me in these last few years. About 5 years ago my marriage came to an exploding end... Together, my husband and I have 4 daughters. At that time, I was on staff at my church, ministering in music. Due to the hardness of my heart with what had taken place, and because I refused to try to work out my marriage, I was asked to step down from that ministry. I was deeply hurt and felt rejected. My identity was in the position and favor I had with the church and in my marriage, but when that was taken from me, it left me devastated and with no sense of purpose. At that time, I did not realize that only in Christ should I have put my security. Feelings went from depression and hopelessness. I started looking for things to fill the places that were empty. I ran right back to the things I had been delivered from many years ago...but this time I was ready to go to the my mind, everything and everyone I had counted on had failed me. In the depths of misery I thought, If this was the case, then what was the use anyway? At that point, I had forgotten the call that was on my life and who I was in Christ. Even if I were to end up on the streets or in prison, that appealed to me more than being let down again. Two years passed where I continually involved myself with dangerous and harmful situations and with people that would only use and hurt me more. At that point I didn't care. Although I had been taught differently in church, I thought I had gone too far to go back to the life I had known before this period of time. At the end of the 2 years, the Lord intervened in my life in a huge way. He started sending people into my life that would speak the TRUTH and encouragement to me. The Lord started changing my heart to the point that, out of nowhere, I started grieving for my family that had been torn apart. It wasn't long before I started taking steps to make right decisions. The Lord restored my relationship with my husband. The first year we were back together, everything was great between us, yet I still wasn't free like I had experienced before I walked away from the Lord. I realized I had shamed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the very acts and lifestyle I had chosen during my time away from Him. Guilt was there because I began to understand what I was capable of doing without Jesus as the focus in my life. At that time, for the first time ever, I finally saw and knew the depth of love that Jesus had for me. He had never left me nor let me go, or given up on me through all of that. I finally understood that Jesus didn't look at me any different when I was doing all those bad things than how He looks at me now! Wow, what a life changing revelation. Now because I know his love for me, I only want to please Him and bring Him honor. Just to let you know, God has restored everything to me and my family's life, but much more than before. Now my testimony, life and my very breath will be used to worship and glorify God. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to share the good news to the poor. To bring release to the captives and give hope to the hopeless, to heal the brokenhearted, to the recovery of sight to the blind, and to love 'even' the unlovable. To shout out the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord, and bring His truth, through His Word and through the Holy Spirit, so that all men might know Him! I pray that the music the Lord has given me will minister to you in every area needed and take you deeper in His love, so that all you do will bring glory to Him, the Worthy One. Love, Robin.

1.1 You're Worth It All
1.2 Worthy of All Praise
1.3 Love Came
1.4 All of My Days
1.5 Right Here
1.6 Run to You
1.7 Your Love Goes Deeper
1.8 Most High God
1.9 Salvation Is of the Lord
1.10 I Breathe
1.11 Jesus Is My Promised Land
1.12 Morethan Enough
1.13 No One But You
1.14 Down Pour
1.15 Invitation

Robin McCollum: Deeper

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