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Rochelle House: Songs from a Bookmark

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Artist: Rochelle House

Artist: Rochelle House
Title: Songs from a Bookmark

This group of songs is called Songs from a Bookmark they are songs that I wrote out in the garden when my 4 children were little, mostly during nap times. They are strange and kind of pretty songs. During that period I didn't have a piano and I only knew how to play the few chords on the guitar that my father had shown me when I was little. I was devoted to Joni mitchell and under the spell of Springsteen's 'Nebraska' while living surrounded the 80s music scene in Los Angeles. I was living completely in denial of the music theory and jazz music that I had loved so much before my children came along. Rochelle House -voice Andy Coe - Guitars D'Vonne Lewis - Drums Keith Lowe - Bass Ronnie Foster - Keyboards on 'Father of my Children' Lori Gabriel -Background vocals Rochelle House and  Lisa Craze sing background vocals on 'Midwife's Song" All songs written by Rochelle House All songs arranged by Andy Coe  Produced  by Rochelle House, Geoff Ott, and Andy Coe Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Ott  at London Bridge Studio, Seattle Washington Assistant engineer Carson Lehman  Mastered by Gavin Lurssen  at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood California 'Woman in a Doorway' - oil on glass - by Jessica Dodge - 2013 / photo credit: Steven Miller Photos of Rochelle by Darrah Parker.

1.1 Carry Me Home
1.2 Queen of the World
1.3 Father of My Children
1.4 I Don't Expect to Hear from You
1.5 It's 8:30
1.6 Fee Fi Fo Fum
1.7 I Call You Up
1.8 So You Want to Touch Your Lips to Mine
1.9 Apprentices
1.10 David
1.11 It's Not Easy
1.12 Progress
1.13 Midwife's Song

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