Rock-a-Baby Music Classes

Rock-a-Baby Music Classes: Introducing: Rhythm Melody & Harmony

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Product Type: CD

Title: Introducing: Rhythm Melody & Harmony
Label: CD Baby

Go behind the scenes with Rhythm, Melody & Harmony with this concept album for kids! Harmony is snoozing in a baby grand, Rhythm is making music on pots and pans, and Melody is in the studio practicing the songs for this very CD!

1.1 Announcement Time
1.2 Birthday Baby
1.3 Theme of the Week
1.4 Clap Your Hands
1.5 Hello Song
1.6 Round and Round
1.7 Puppet Dance
1.8 Hush Little Baby
1.9 What's Shakin?
1.10 Eat Something Good
1.11 Sing You a Story
1.12 Introducing Rhythm, Melody and Harmony
1.13 Follow the Bouncing Ball
1.14 Won't You Play Along?
1.15 I've Been Working on the Railroad
1.16 Bubbles
1.17 Bye Bye Baby II

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