Rock & Kol

Rock & Kol: Watchman What of the Night

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Artist: Rock & Kol

Artist: Rock & Kol
Title: Watchman What of the Night

Nestled in the woods of South Mississippi, you'll find a small group of Hebrews. With the music that they play, they seek to please not only their Heavenly Father, but their friends and brethren as well. This small bunch of believers is Rock & Kol. A group of musicians who want to share their music with you. What kind of sound do they have in store for you? Well, there's anything from their Blues-Rock offering 'Famine in the Land' to the Hard Rock styled 'Opposition.' They travel the spectrum, from Blues, to Rock, to Funk and everywhere in between! You're sure to find something you like in this album!

1.1 Who Shall Ascend?
1.2 Love Song to Yahushua
1.3 Butterfly Believers
1.4 Who's in the Camp?
1.5 Raise the Rug
1.6 We're Still Standing
1.7 Watchman, What of the Night?
1.8 Opposition
1.9 Famine in the Land
1.10 It's Just the Colour I Wear
1.11 Dancin' in the Fire
1.12 If I've Found Favour
1.13 Blow the Trumpet

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