Rocky Mountain Jewgrass

Rocky Mountain Jewgrass: Chutzpah

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Title: Chutzpah
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Rocky Mountain Jewgrass, launched in 2007 (as Shalom Feivel and Rocky Mountain Jewgrass), has quickly become a festival, synagogue and events favorite, entertaining Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike. The band provides an energetic and entertaining show, blending traditional bluegrass style playing with contemporary and classic Jewish themes and music. Great stage presence and a heavy dose of humor combine with beautiful harmonies and skilled musicianship to create a new form of Jewish music entertainment that delights audiences of all ages. With a little "picklin' and grinning", and a "high lonesome kvetch," Rocky Mountain Jewgrass is foot stompin' fun. (But be careful you shouldn't hurt yourself.) BEN COHEN plays every instrument he's ever made - from upright basses to lutes to steel drums (which he insists are not called kettle drums). One of these days, if we buy him a truck, he will find a way to incorporate all his instruments into our repertoire. . Most of the time he plays banjo and mandolin and he writes pastiche pieces for the band which we call "shmushtas." ERIC ROBERTS, our bass player and the newest member of the band, brings his own great style to providing the 'boom boom' in our Jewgrass music. While he often imagines himself as the rock solid foundation of the band, he knows in his heart that a few folks confuse rock solid foundation and rocks in the head. In addition to bass, Eric plays diverse styles of acoustic and electric guitar really well. Put a guitar in his hands and a microphone near his mouth and then watch public relations maven-by-day SAUL ROSENTHAL turn into our band's frumless leader. A synagogue Cantor for nearly 30 years, Saul began singing from the pulpit of his Philadelphia-area synagogue at age 10. Then, after several forgettable attempts to master the cello and the piano he finally picked up the guitar at age 17. Saul sings lead vocals, plays guitar and writes for the band. GAIL DEVORE taught herself to play the fiddle as she approached yet another anniversary of her 29th birthday. She performs with the fiddle her father played many years ago. She even tunes it now and then... to the great relief of the band. Gail plays the fiddle, surprises folks with the washboard, and sings harmony. WHAT FOLKS ARE SAYING ABOUT ROCKY MOUNTAIN JEWGRASS: "The energy, creativity and musical talent of Rocky Mountain Jewgrass added to the celebratory atmosphere of the Rose Medical Center Community Chanukah Celebration. Your presence was a real hit!" Rabbi Jeffrey Kaye, Chaplain Rose Medical Center -------------------------------------------------------------- "Swallow Hill was blessed with an exceptional concert by Shalom Feivel and Rocky Mountain Jewgrass during our annual Folk Festival in 2007. If the name seems a bit confusing, it also brings a great deal of pleasure and surprise by the excellent musicians and their hilariously entertaining stage presentation coupled with creative lyrics juxtaposing the unlikely blend of bluegrass and Jewish folk music. Saul Rosenthal has once again gone far beyond our expectations in assembling this wonderful ensemble.' Jim Williams, Concerts & Festivals Director Swallow Hill Music Association -------------------------------------------- "Shalom Feivel and Rocky Mountain Jewgrass joined us at Congregation Emanuel on a beautiful Shabbat evening this summer. They combined great tunes, great humor and great pickin' to create an unforgettable night. We would host them again in a heartbeat!" Susie Sigman Program Director Congregation Emanuel ---------------------------------------------------------- "...local musician Saul Rosenthal and his quick-pickin Rocky Mountain Jewgrass band...hit the stage, proffering their signature sound, the "high lonesome kvetch," to the tune of skilled string-band runs, pristine harmonies and a generous side of humor. You don't have to be Jewish to get down with that." Westword January 2008 ---------------------------------------------------------- "It was wonderful. You are so much fun...everyone had a ball." Lannie Garret Denver's First Lady of Song ---------------------------------------------------------------- "A new genre is born - mazal tov! Rocky Mountain Jewgrass had us, Jews and non-Jew alike, singin', clappin', dancin' and laughin' - a grand ole time. With five sets of strings to match their voices, they wove new connections between us in a way that only the miracle of music can manage." Reb Jamie Arnold Congregation Beth Evergreen -------------------------------------------------------------- "I wanted to thank you and the members of your band for such a fun performance. We had tremendous compliments about the music and you were by far the best show we have done in four years. I especially like the way you blend an absolutely American musical form - bluegrass - with absolutely Jewish content - and make it work. Well done!" Larry Bell, Executive Director Arizona Jewish Historical Society ---------------------------------------------------------------- "An act like Rocky Mountain Jewgrass, blending bluegrass-style music with a Jewish twist is a unique listening experience. There is really no other band like it." Donald Davidoff Acoustic Alley.

1.1 R'tzei
1.2 Jews Don't Camp
1.3 Y'hiyu L'ratzon
1.4 St. Timothy's Nigun
1.5 I'm in for the Food
1.6 L'dor Vador
1.7 Hariu
1.8 Yom Kippur Blues
1.9 Hallelujah/Kol Haneshama
1.10 Who By Fire
1.11 Thank God I'm a Jewish Boy
1.12 Hinei Matov

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