Rocky Sharpe

Rocky Sharpe: Looking for An Echo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rocky Sharpe

Artist: Rocky Sharpe
Title: Looking for An Echo

27 Track Compilation from 70's & 80's Rock N Roll Revivalists.

1.1 Looking for An Echo
1.2 Rama Lama Ding Dong
1.3 A Teenager in Love
1.4 Tick Tock
1.5 Imagination
1.6 Oop Doop Doop
1.7 Heart
1.8 Love Will Make You Fail in School
1.9 Never
1.10 Silhouettes
1.11 Return to Sender
1.12 Christmas Tears Will Fall
1.13 (I'm Afraid) the Masquerade Is Over
1.14 Never Be Anyone Else But You
1.15 Come on Let's Go
1.16 I Knew from the Start
1.17 Martian Hop
1.18 I Really Love You
1.19 Take My Hand
1.20 Mary (Won't You Marry Me)
1.21 Devil or Angel
1.22 A Fool in Love with You
1.23 White Christmas
1.24 Let's Live
1.25 Can't Stand It Anymore
1.26 Shout! Shout! (Knok Yourself Out)
1.27 La Bamba

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