Rod McKuen

Rod McKuen: If You Go Away the RCA Years 1965-1970

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Artist: Rod McKuen

Artist: Rod McKuen
Title: If You Go Away the RCA Years 1965-1970

McKuen's complete 1960s RCA Victor recordings in this lavish 7 CD box set! He's worked as a rodeo cowboy, lumberjack, and B movie actor. 'If You Go Away' concentrates on 4 fruitful years of McKuen's recording and songwriting career. Since the 1950 s, he estimates, more than 200 albums have been released under his name and selections from his catalog of more than 1,500 compositions have been recorded by singers including Ray Charles, Petula Clark, Johnny Cash, and Frank Sinatra. This collection gathers Rod's six original albums for RCA released between 1965-'68, plus an incredible lode of unreleased master and alternate takes, demos and even a few 'live' recordings and an album-sized hardcover book that includes an essay by Todd Everett and track-by track comments by Rod himself, discussing the material on the album; plus quotes from past and present associates.

1.1 Summer's Long
1.2 Channing Way
1.3 Each of Us Alone
1.4 I've Been to Town
1.5 Yes
1.6 Hunters
1.7 One Day Soon
1.8 Summer in My Eye
1.9 Times Gone By
1.10 Looking Back at 30
1.11 So Many Others (Remake)
1.12 Lovers
1.13 Rusting in the Rain
1.14 Plains of My Country Ballet Suite in 3 Movements
1.15 Alamo Junction
1.16 Summer's Long (Alternate Take)
1.17 House Upon the Hill
1.18 Stanyan Street Revisited
1.19 We Have Only Love (Demo)
1.20 On My Own (Demo)
1.21 Tamarack Tree
1.22 Take Me Home Again
1.23 Sleep Now Love
1.24 Trashy
1.25 So Many Others (Alternate Take)
1.26 Some Trust in Chariots
1.27 People Change
1.28 How Deep Is Down?
1.29 When Flora Was Mine
1.30 If You Go Away (Ne Me Quittes Pas)
1.31 So Long San Francisco
1.32 Loner
1.33 Solo
1.34 Lonely Things
1.35 She
1.36 Good Times Is All Done Now
1.37 Truck Stop
1.38 Thank You
1.39 I Turn to You
1.40 Church Windows (Instrumental)
1.41 Flowers
1.42 Me and the Cat
1.43 For Silence Is Golden (Demo)
1.44 Watching You Sleep / Thank You
1.45 My Old Man
1.46 Darlin' Don't You Know (; Glenn Yarbrough)
1.47 Girls of the Summer (; Glenn Yarbrough)
1.48 Happy Birthday Ernie (Bon Anniversary Ernie)
1.49 Flowers
1.50 Flowers
1.51 World I Used to Know (Rejected Version)
1.52 Gee It's Nice to Be Alone (Demo)
1.53 If You Go Away (Alternate Version)
1.54 So Long San Francisco (Alternate Lyrics)
1.55 Hurtin'
1.56 You
1.57 Before the Monkeys Came
1.58 Summertime of Days
1.59 Women
1.60 Zangra
1.61 Down at Mary's Old Time Bar
1.62 Meantime
1.63 Open the Windows and See All the Clowns
1.64 I'm Strong, But I Like Roses
1.65 Statue
1.66 Ain't You Glad You're Livin', Joe
1.67 Loneliness in Crowds
1.68 Nouveau Fleur (Instrumental)
1.69 Me and the Cat
1.70 Something More
1.71 Meantime (Alternate Take)
1.72 Open the Window ; See All the Clowns (Alt)
1.73 Don't Forget to Bring Her a Rose
1.74 Ain't You Glad You're Livin' Joe
1.75 Habit
1.76 Habit
1.77 My Old Man
1.78 You (Take 2)
1.79 I'm Strong But I Like Roses (Alternate Take)
1.80 Meantime (1st Version)
1.81 Kill the Wind
1.82 Don't Forget to Bring Her a Rose
1.83 Open the Window ; See All the Clowns
1.84 Loneliness in Crowds (Alternate Take)
1.85 Something More (Demo)
1.86 I'll Say Goodbye (Je Partirai)
1.87 Mer Sans Soleil (Sea Without Sun)
1.88 Mer Sans Soleil (Sea Without Sun)
1.89 Through European Windows
1.90 Song Without Words (Chanson Sans Paroles)
1.91 Paris (Mon Arbre)
1.92 Baby Be My Love (L'amour Avec Toi)
1.93 Ever Constant Sea
1.94 Like a Child
1.95 On the Road Again (Qu'est-Ce Que Tu Attends la)
1.96 Nathalie
1.97 Far West (Le Plat Pays)
1.98 Pushing the Clouds Away
1.99 Do You Like the Rain?
1.100 Gifts from the Sea
1.101 Some Day We'll See Spain (Concerto for Guitar ; Orchestra) Extract from 2nd Move
1.102 Seasons in the Sun
1.103 Capri in July
1.104 Je Vien de Loin, (French Vocal / 1st International Issue)
1.105 Kind of Loving
1.106 I'm Only Me
1.107 Chasin' the Sun
1.108 Money Boys of Cannes (Demo ; Glenn Yarbrough)
1.109 Bon Soir Mademoiselle
1.110 Through European Windows (Alternate Take)
1.111 Prologue: A Cat Named Sloopy
1.112 To Share Tthe Summer Sun
1.113 Round, Round, Round
1.114 I'll Never Be Alone
1.115 Ducks on the Millpond
1.116 Midnight Walk
1.117 Listen to the Warm
1.118 It's Raining
1.119 Weekend
1.120 Brown October
1.121 Where Are We Now?
1.122 Singing of the Wind
1.123 Dandelion Days
1.124 I Live Alone
1.125 Epilogue: One Day I'll Follow the Birds
1.126 Entre Act: Listen to the Warm (Instrumental)
1.127 Listen to the Warm
1.128 I Have Loved You in So Many Ways
1.129 We Touch Shoulder to Shoulder
1.130 Sunday in November
1.131 Beyond This Wall (The Phoenix)
1.132 Warm and Gentle Girls
1.133 Be Gentle, Please
1.134 Hurry
1.135 Round, Round, Round (Reprise)
1.136 Conversation After 1:Am
1.137 I Have Loved You in So Many Ways (Theme)
1.138 Me and the Cat
1.139 After the Toll Beach
1.140 Listen to the Warm (Alternate Vocal)
1.141 Twenty-Nine
1.142 Midsummer
1.143 Single Man
1.144 Leave Me Something
1.145 I Never Go There Anymore
1.146 Phoenix
1.147 Last of the Wine
1.148 Elegy #1
1.149 Girls of the Summer
1.150 Where Would I Be?
1.151 Elegy #2
1.152 I've Saved the Summer
1.153 In Passing
1.154 Some of Them Fall
1.155 Elegy #3
1.156 Importance of the Rose (C'est la Rose)
1.157 Ivy That Clings to the Wall (Instrumental)
1.158 Inside of Me
1.159 Voyeur
1.160 Home to See Maria
1.161 Lovers of December
1.162 Things to Come (Gymnopedes #1)
1.163 Home By Water (Gymnopedes #3)
1.164 Sometimes
1.165 And to Each Season
1.166 Wind of Change
1.167 Girls of the Summer (Alternate Vocal)
1.168 Ivy That Clings to the Wall (Vocal)
1.169 Up
1.170 I'll Catch the Sun
1.171 Glad Rag Doll
1.172 Women (Alternate Take)
1.173 We Have Only Love
1.174 Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes (Parody)
1.175 Waltz Goes on (Demo)
1.176 To Die in Summertime (Demo)
1.177 Seasons in the Sun (Alternate Vocal)
1.178 So Many Others
1.179 Ain't You Glad You're Livin', Joe (Alternate Take)
1.180 Simple Gifts (Demo)
1.181 If You Go Away
1.182 Love and Let Love (Demo)
1.183 Don't Forget to Bring Her a Rose
1.184 Some of Them Fall (Alternate Vocal)
1.185 When the Green Berets Come Home
1.186 New Words
1.187 Portuguese Bend
1.188 Monte
1.189 Children One and All
1.190 We
1.191 I Never Will Marry (Demo ; Chet Atkins)
1.192 River, River (Demo ; Chet Atkins)
1.193 Things Bright and Beautiful
1.194 One By One (; Don Ho)
1.195 All of Me Is Mine (Demo)

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