Rod Picott

Rod Picott: Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rod Picott

Title: Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil
Label: Welding Rod Music

2019 release. Alone with his modest recording gear, Rod Picott set about making an album as honest, raw and uncontrived as his spine would allow. Already known for the intimacy and vivid narratives of his previous work, Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil opens the door wider still: An album completely stripped of anything other than the songs. Searching for not the perfect takes; just the right takes. Hunting magic and wanting to tell the truth of who he is as a songwriter and human being walking this rock. Recorded entirely alone at home. This is the most personal group of songs Picott has released. In some ways a memoir in song.

1.1 Ghost
1.2 Bailing
1.3 Mama's Boy
1.4 Mark
1.5 Spartan Hotel
1.6 Too Much Rain
1.7 A Beautiful Light
1.8 A 38 Special ; a Hermes Purse
1.9 80 John Wallace
1.10 A Guilty Man
1.11 Sunday Best
1.12 Folds of Your Dress

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