Roger Fluet: Why Did the Plane Crash

Roger Fluet: Why Did the Plane Crash
Title: Why Did the Plane Crash
Label: CD Baby

Country infused folk/rock? Swing inspired blues? However one defines it, Roger has certainly created his own sound and in the process proven that dreams do indeed come true! Joined by Blues Legend James Montgomery and a host of the best musicians New England has to offer, 'Why Did The Plane Crash' officially took flight on May 5th! From 'A Dangerous Game', the songs take off with interesting lyrical twists, cool vocals and harmonies like you used to hear! Roger's lyrical flight gains altitude with Montgomery's incredible harmonica and Tim Ray's honky tonk piano tunes. Soon string sections become fiddles, even a horn section to announce the flight is coming to an end.... From take off to landing (however bumpy), Roger pilots us though twists and turns through fun, heartache and romance... The album's title is a play on a childhood joke regarding Roger's last name, Fluet (flew-it). Self conscious of the reference to 911 for many years, Roger would not acknowledge the joke but in time reclaimed it as his. The terrorists would not win... Curious about that dream come true? .... Well Saddle Up and we'll tell you.... Raised in a fading New England mill town where the river changed color based on the paper being produced, Roger watched dreams slowly vanishing as one by one the mills closed. But just like the river that never forgot what it once was, Roger's dream of songwriting never faded. Today the river has parks and fisherman angling for the best spots, and Roger is finally realizing his lifelong dream... writing inspired songs. Real dreams never die... Learned to play guitar in his teens and began writing as soon as he could put two chords together. A dream starting to simmer but soon came baby, well actually three of 'em by his 24th birthday. Dreams on hold. Raised a family, ran a successful business; someday we will get back to songwriting... Then fate struck. In 2009 Roger's dream erupted into open flame by simply seeing a friend perform at an open mic. There it was, his dream being lived out by others. Time to take it back and make it his own. The glow has only grown in intensity since then. The source of inspiration can be found in Roger's songs where he combines his unique playing style to deliver tunes that have listeners' feet tapping like the devil on your shoulder... Climb Aboard!

1.1 A Dangerous Game
1.2 But Today
1.3 Can't Figure You Out
1.4 Saddle Up
1.5 Something's Changed
1.6 Dreams We Once Had
1.7 Dangerous Strings
1.8 The Exorcism
1.9 Fly Right By
1.10 All Alone Again
1.11 Luckiest Day
1.12 Love Potion
1.13 You Kept Me Waiting
1.14 But Today (Smooth Mix)

Roger Fluet: Why Did the Plane Crash

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