Rol Junell

Rol Junell: Rol Junell & Hawaiian Novelty Orchestra

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rol Junell

Title: Rol Junell & Hawaiian Novelty Orchestra
Label: CD Baby

There was a time, a forgotten time when Hawaiian music was a big BOOM! Rol and his Orchestra has done something about that and made it real and alive again. From exotic Finland, now it's here, the long awaited album from Rol Junell and his Hawaiian Novelty Orchestra. 'Rol's Orchestra blends Vintige Hawaiian Music, Tin Pan Alley, Old Time Music, Rag Time and Gypsy Swing with an extrordinary warm touch. The record shifts from cool, mellow and swinging numbers like 'Maui No Ka Oi' with gueststars the Finnish Gypsy Swing Orchestra, Hot Club De Finlande making Django Reinhardts spirit rest over the Hawaiian standard. A splendid result. While the basic line up on trio makes 'Honolulu March' sound new and frech, just the way Sol Hoopii and his guy's once did it. The Tin Pan Alley classic 'On Moonlight Bay' is tenderly sung by Ulrika Öhman and a beautiful arrangement by Rol opens up this treasure. A must hear is the standard 'Akaka Falls' played on two Lap Steels and a 12 string acoustic guitar. Rol's Orchestra makes it sound warm and inspired by the Finnish folklore. Finally 'Red Sails In The Sunset' gives us a clue how masters like Dick McIntire and Jerry Byrd would have played it back in the 50's on electric lap steel in a jazzy arrangement with a vibraphone giving it an exotic mood. Hawaiian Music with a Finnish touch! Beautifully arranged and recorded by the sea on the westcoast of Finland by Rol Junell and his Hawaiian Novelty Orchestra.' CC de Plicque, Angel House International Finland "Glad to know there's another person who loves the Hawaiian stuff. I listened to the tunes and it's great. Flattered to have inspired some of Steel Guitar playing. Also, I love the graphic of your Hawaiian Novelty Orch. Looks like an instruction book from the 1930s, well done" Richard Bennett, Guitarist, Producer Nashville, Tennessee USA 'Beautiful Hawaiian music with a touch of gypsy swing - Rol Junell and his Hawaiian Novelty Orchestra breath new life to these old songs! You can feel the warm trade winds on your skin and hear the swaying palmtrees... All this from a band coming from a country where the winds can be bitterly cold and the palmtrees are never seen! I wonder how they do it!' Kari Laine, Hawaiian Music Collector Finland 'I walked in from a freezing cold Swedish winters day and heard the warm Hawaiin glow. Never was i so Glad. It saved me" Paul Nulty, TV presenter Sweden/Ireland 'What in the world makes a Finnish guy start playing Hawaiian Steel Guitar? I have asked myself this question a number of times. I can't really say what has inspired me the most, is it the warm, mellow sound of the Steel Guitar or the wonderful piece of art that comes along with discovering this instrument, it's players and styles? Or is it just the simple reason that it puts a smile on my face! I have great respect for the masters and having played this instrument for only 3 years, I still consider myself a beginner. I Hope this recording and musical style can open the treasure book for you and put a smile on your face, as it has on mine' Rol Junell P.S. Enhanced CD. Buy the CD and access the documentary with a computer.

1.1 Kohala March
1.2 Maui No Ka 'Oi
1.3 Minor Swing
1.4 On Moonlight Bay
1.5 Red Sails in the Sunset
1.6 La Rosita
1.7 Yellow Roses
1.8 Stompin' at Mosebacke
1.9 Honolulu March
1.10 Akaka Falls
1.11 Sunset in Laponia
1.12 Sjoman Alskar Havets Vag
1.13 Fascinating Rhythms

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