Role Model: Our Little Angel

Role Model: Our Little Angel
Title: Our Little Angel
Label: Interscope Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Role Model has shared his new EP 'our little angel'. The Maine-born, LA-based pop artist's latest six-track effort is now available on Milky White Vinyl, via Interscope. He says: "This sort of stemmed from 'alive'... that song felt like a middle finger to everything I've been through. I've accepted that this world is fucked, that my brain doesn't work the way it's supposed to, that I'm not perfect... I've just learned to accept the imperfections, and I can only hope it will help others do the same."

1.1 alive
1.2 for the people in the back
1.3 blind
1.4 doyouseeit
1.5 going out
1.6 better the first time

Role Model: Our Little Angel

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