Roll the Dice: Until Silence

Roll the Dice: Until Silence
Title: Until Silence
Label: Leaf
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing includes bonus CD edition. 2014 release from the Stockholm duo. UNTIL SILENCE marks a monumental shift for Roll The Dice. The characteristic framework of piano and synthesizer is reinforced with a newly conscripted string section: dramatic arrangements grind against furnace blasts of static, and phases of unrelenting rhythmic intensity collapse into moments of frayed, fragile beauty. The Stockholm-based duo's most powerful and nuanced work to date is by turns harrowing and searching, pushing their sound to monolithic, foundation-shuddering heights of ambition and scale. For UNTIL SILENCE, Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon enlisted Erik Arvinder to work on string arrangements for several of the album's tracks, which were then recorded with a 26-piece ensemble. Arvinder's contributions further heighten the natural cycles of tension and release that are cornerstones of the Roll The Dice sound.

1.1 Blood in Blood Out
1.2 Assembly
1.3 Time and Mercy
1.4 Coup de Grce
1.5 Aridity
1.6 Wherever I Go, Darkness Follows
1.7 Perpetual Motion
1.8 Someone's Land
1.9 Haunted Piano
1.10 In Deference

Roll the Dice: Until Silence

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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