Rollins Band

Rollins Band: Life Time

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Rollins Band

Artist: Rollins Band
Title: Life Time
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP repressing of this 1987 release, the debut album from former Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins and his band. The album was produced by Ian MacKaye, well known in the genre of hardcore punk for his work with Minor Threat and as co-owner of the Dischord record label. This reissue of LIFE TIME restores the original 1987 track list which included four live tracks recorded in Kortrijk, Belgium in October 1987.

1.1 Burned Beyond Recognition
1.2 What Am I Doing Here?
1.3 1,000 Times Blind
1.4 Lonely
1.5 Wreck-Age
1.6 Gun in Mouth Blues
1.7 You Look at You
1.8 If You're Alive
1.9 Turned Out

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