Rollo Time

Rollo Time: Victims of the Crown

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rollo Time

Title: Victims of the Crown
Label: CD Baby

The surprisingly positive response to the songs on their first CD, the self-titled 'Rollo Time' got the band started on a follow-up project. Recording began in April 2010 at Chicago's Gravity Studios. Producing the new album, entitled "Victims of the Crown" was Doug McBride, known for his work with other pop/alternative rock masters such as Cheap Trick, Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Verbow and others. Beginning with the first track on the CD, "You Can Talk", it's clear that "Victims" is a new direction for Rollo Time. Production on the 10 new power-pop gems is top-notch, innovative and a great listen. Fans can look forward to plenty of ear candy on the new release, including some very diverse instrumentation like electric slide guitar, dobro, lap steel and even glockenspiel, not to mention McBride's knack for tasty sampling and percussion techniques. McBride's handiwork is literally the icing on the cake that is the strong songwriting at Rollo Time's core. The "can't get the song outta my head" quality of the material is really what ties the debut CD to "Victims". Says Raleigh: "It's a great new collection of songs that each stand on their own but also form a coherent whole. On "Victims" we moved into less familiar territory and really did some cool things on the production side...I really hope our fans get a kick out of the new CD".

1.1 You Can Talk
1.2 Sick and Tired
1.3 Eyman Prison
1.4 Where Is Mine?
1.5 Madeleine Says
1.6 'Til It All Comes Down
1.7 I Can't Believe This Day
1.8 On the Ground
1.9 Talking to Myself (On a Cell Phone)
1.10 What's Done Is Done

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