Roman Simovic: Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale

Roman Simovic: Stravinsky: The Soldier&
Title: Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale
Label: Lso Live

Violinist Roman Simovic directs the LSO Chamber Ensemble - a septet featuring veteran principal players from across the LSO including bassoonist Rachel Gough, clarinetist Andrew Marriner, percussionist Neil Percy and trumpet player Philip Cobb - in Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale. This theatrical work, 'to be read, played and danced,' is based on a Russian folk tale about a soldier who trades his fiddle for unparalleled economic gain. British stage and television actor Malcom Sinclair narrates, leading audience members through the soldier's regretful decision.

1.1 Part 1 No 1: Introduction: The Soldier's March Down a Hot and Dusty Road[2'47]
1.2 Part 1 No 2: Music for Scene 1: Airs By a Stream Give Me Your Fiddle[6'33]
1.3 Part 1 No 3: The Soldier's March (Reprise) - the Soldier Returns to His Homeland Hurray, Here We Are![4'01]
1.4 Part 1 No 4: Music for Scene 2: Pastorale Ah! You Dirty Cheat, It's You![7'10]
1.5 Part 1 No 5: Airs By a Stream (Reprise) - the Soldier Remembers Please, Kind Sir, Can I Come In?[4'05]
1.6 Part 2 No 1: The Soldier's March (Reprise) Now He Comes to Another Land[3'44]
1.7 Part 2 No 2: The Royal March They Gave the Word for the Band to Play[6'32]
1.8 Part 2 No 3: The Little Concert[3'10]
1.9 Part 2 No 4: Three Dances: Tango[2'44]
1.10 Part 2 No 5: Three Dances: Waltz[1'55]
1.11 Part 2 No 6: Three Dances: Ragtime[2'23]
1.12 Part 2 No 7: The Devil's Dance[1'29]
1.13 Part 2 No 8: Little Chorale[0'43]
1.14 Part 2 No 9: The Devil's Song[0'44]
1.15 Part 2 No 10: Great Chorale[5'16]
1.16 Part 2 No 11: Triumphal March of the Devil[2'20]

Roman Simovic: Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale

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