Romano Mussolini

Romano Mussolini: Latin Taste

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Product Type: CD

Title: Latin Taste
Label: Schema

The Latin Taste is a rare bossa nova which energizes the overall feeling of the music, while taking it to another dimension. The grooves and vibes are just enough to keep the listener motivated at the work place, while also adding the feeling that one should be 'chillin' in the warmth of the sun, with a refreshing cold drink in hand, lounging by the pool, or better still, on the beach of a tropical island. This record was composed in collaboration with the valued Brazilian jazz guitarist Irio de Paula, the Italian saxophonist Stefano Colnaghi and the African percussionist Wilfred Copello. The majority are covers of well know works from artists such as Jobim, Ellington, Parker. The CD contains two extra unreleased pieces: 'Night in Tunisia', cover of the original song composed by Dizzie Gillespie, and 'Foglie Morte'. originally composed by Shirley Bassey.

1.1 Meditation
1.2 Besame Mucho
1.3 Perdido
1.4 Versiliana Samba
1.5 Thomas Blues
1.6 These Foolish Things
1.7 Drop Me of Harlem
1.8 Confirmation
1.9 Night in Tunisia
1.10 Foglie Morte

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