Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson: Lonely in Paradise

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Artist: Ron Anderson

Artist: Ron Anderson
Title: Lonely in Paradise

Can you remember a time when there was a song in your mind and the wind was blowing in your hair, that moment when everything was all right. This could be that moment again; the choice is yours'. This album has a theme and a meaning however this album is not complete without your participation in it because the meaning you give it is what completes it. The album gives solace to those that have suffered acts of violence, cruelty and injustice. This album is also dedicated to those who have suffered loss of loved one(s) (physically but not spiritually) resulting from violent or unexpected death (isn't it all unexpected). We will all be together again and that is the promise of hope. This album is also about how the world can unite as one and we that we can live in peace with each other through the healing that comes from love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. God does not fail; we fail when we choose self will over being in unity with His plan. The inside cover of this album has a written 'Love Manifesto' which is a step by step plan of hope and healing through our individual actions of love and forgiveness. This written explanation is a detailed plan of how we can have world peace in our lifetime. Yes, there are still Hippies alive and well, clean and sober and living naturally (in Canada) meditating and praying for all of us on this planet. Finally this album provides comfort and offers a way of healing through forgiveness and gives us hope, understanding and explains the promise that has already been made that the spiritual connection of all beings will continue to grow and will never be broken. Love endures all things and Love is 4ever. This album is like a universal amusement park ride that once you ride it you just want to ride it 4ever. God Bless You. Peace Out! The actual album is 7 songs. The last two songs are bonus songs that were done in the 80's What a Day is sung by Ron Anderson and Gift of Love features Richard Abernethy on vocals. Enjoy!

1.1 4Ever
1.2 Sailing
1.3 Show Me the Way
1.4 My Friend
1.5 Tell Me
1.6 World Unite
1.7 The Time Is Now
1.8 What a Day
1.9 Gift of Love (Feat. Richard Abernethy)

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