Ron Boots

Ron Boots: Signs in the Sand

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ron Boots

Title: Signs in the Sand
Label: CD Baby

A church is a beautiful place to give an electronic music concert. The Big or St. Bavo church in Haarlem is one of the finest houses of God in The Netherlands. At May 19 2012 (the night when Chelsea won the Champions League), Remy and Ron Boots gave a concert there under the projectname "The Return Of Planet X". Remy has performed in the church on a regular basis, for Ron it was the first time. Ron, who played after Remy's gig, chose to pay a tribute to one of his musical inspirators, Klaus Schulze. His friends Harold van der Heijden on drums and Eric van der Heijden on synthesizers were his band for the night. At the concert, Ron didn't "copy" the music of Klaus Schulze -as some other musicians do- but took his love for Schulze's music as a basis and gave his own "twist" to it. So, so to say, it became Boots-music with a Schulzian atmosphere. And as the projectname was "The Return Of Planet X", traces from Schulze's masterwork "X" from 1978 could be heard. "Klaustrofobia" (what a nice title!) opens the CD with a choir (conducted by Eric van der Heijden) that recites a text, accompanied by Ron's ambientsounds. After this, Harold van der Heijden starts his drumwork and the music becomes rhythmic. Ron then plays fat solos (what else could you expect as he plays it on the Moog Little Phatty synthesizer...). It is a quite thrusting piece of music, also because of the sequences used. Industrial soundscapes form the introduction to "Dream But Not Of Today". This track shows some modern classical influences. And as Schulze's albums "X" and it's follow-up "Dune" from 1979 also have a classical touch, all falls perfectly in place with the subject of the concert. When the sequence and drums that come next, this composition almost becomes progressive rock (which is also classical influenced, so the circle is round). The titletrack is saved for last. This is a rather relaxed piece with a calm rhythm and an excellent basismelody. It was a great night in the St Bavo in Haarlem. Ron's tribute to Klaus Schulze's music worked absolutely well in this very special location. May many concerts follow at this fine place!

1.1 Klaustrofobie - Ron Boots
1.2 Dream But Not of Today - Ron Boots
1.3 Signs in the Sand - Ron Boots

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