Ron Chelsvig

Ron Chelsvig: Livin' in a World

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Artist: Ron Chelsvig

Artist: Ron Chelsvig
Title: Livin' in a World

'Livin' In A World' is the first major release by Ron Chelsvig. His music is a blend of catchy, heart-felt poetic melodies, rich, tender vocals and harmonies in an 'Acoustic Rock' format in the vein of George Harrison, Badfinger, Gene Clark/Byrds, and The Moody Blues. The project started when he was asked by Tom Rapp to record his song, 'Rocket Man' for a Pearls Before Swine tribute album. When WXPN in Philadelphia started to play Ron's version on the radio, he went into the studio to work on the other 9 original songs that make up the album. With the help of Bruce Rogers for recording, co-production and percussion, Caryn Lin on electronic violin, Alfred Goodrich on cello, Ron on guitars and trumpets, and a variety of local friends on guitars, bass and harmonica, 'Livin' In A World' became a reality.

1.1 Livin' in a World
1.2 Would You Look My Way
1.3 What's Goin' On?
1.4 Dreaming
1.5 Rocket Man
1.6 Dada
1.7 One More Day
1.8 Two Lonely People
1.9 This Time
1.10 Livin' in a World (Reprise)

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