Ron Diehl

Ron Diehl: Sambop

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ron Diehl

Title: Sambop
Label: CD Baby

Refreshing is the word that describes this CD. From the first notes of 'It's You Or No One' to the final notes of 'Porky', this is a real Jazz CD. In an era when Jazz has become the most abused four letter word in the English language this recording is refreshing. For quite a few years, the Jazz label has been claimed by or hung on a large group of musical performers and singers who wouldn't know a flatted 5th from a moose! Not so here. Ron Diehl, Wade Beach, Tom Baldwin and Bob Wyatt are the real deal. Isn't it interesting and encouraging that each section of the country has it's own group of superb jazz musicians who are every bit as talented and accomplished as those who are considered the creme de la creme of Americas only indigenous art form. This CD proves the point. Here is a talented and swinging jazz quartet with marvelous ensemble work, imaginative solos, and outstanding treatments of a great selection of tunes. Ron Diehl's work on all the reeds is creative and bespeaks a mastery of his instruments and an ability to swing- and, yes Virginia there is only one saxophonists on the recording. If you love real jazz here is your opportunity to be refreshed.

1.1 It's You or No One
1.2 Joy Spring
1.3 Les Nuages
1.4 Little Girl
1.5 What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
1.6 Sambop
1.7 All the Things You Are
1.8 Line for Lyons
1.9 Porky

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