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Ron Ely: Ron Ely

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Artist: Ron Ely

Artist: Ron Ely
Title: Ron Ely

[NOTE: ALL AUDIO TRACKS ABOVE ARE 'SAMPLE' CUTS FROM THE SONG TRACKS. THE PURCHASED CD AND ALL PAID DOWNLOADS CONTAIN THE FULL SONGS OF THE TIME LENGTHS LISTED.] Here are some recent unsolicited reviews and comments about the 'Ron Ely' debut studio CD album: 'I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your Album. My favorites on the Album are as follows. First it was a toss up between 'Banjo Angel' and 'Scrap Iron.' 'Banjo' won the top spot and 'Scrap Iron' is right behind it. I love folk songs and even country songs that tell stories. 'Picture' is a good one and 'Lovin' a Beautiful Day' and 'Auld Man Sea'. and the 'Rover' song.... Anyway I love the way in 'Banjo Angel' how you have that Banjo moving around the song, so cool. This is the kind of stuff we need to be hearing on main stream radio today.' E.W. '...Guess what came in my mail today? Your CD -- and it's extraordinary!!! Am playing it for the second time as I write, and it sounds even better than the first time through. You are an incredible talent, but then I already knew that.' P.T. "......Loved your CD! Great songs and very well done! Of course you know I love 'Auld Man Sea', but then 'That Picture' became my favorite. Listened to the CD again, and 'Banjo Angel' was no.1. Oops, or was it 'Layover Blues'? They are all so good!!! You should be proud. I like the fact that you've got all the lyrics too. I know it was alot of work, but well worth it...." K.R. ".....I did listen to your music. I like it. You have nice, smooth, John Denver feel. " M.O. ".....Played your CD today after I had a repairman here and he'd like to buy one; can you send it to me....he said he'd come by here to get it. He stops at Waffle House every day for 3 o'clock coffee.....(K.F.) thought it was GREAT CD too. He only had time for about half of it, but wants one for his car...." V.A. "Got the CD and have given it a couple of listens. Well done, my man! A lot of your stuff reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot, which ain't bad. Good luck with getting your music out there and making lots of new friends." KMW "....Today I asked (B.K.) to come and listen to it,I told her to just listen to some of it and she could quit and leave, but she stayed for every minute, and really enjoyed...she followed with the words....she said to tell you it was GREAT. This afternoon (F.W) came over.....same reply,....could not stop listening and stayed till it was over. Both thought it was great. And said to tell you so....." M.E. "....GREAT CD!! We love the music!!! Now, how do we go about getting the local radio stations to play it? I'm very sure it would really catch on. It is better than many I do hear on the radio. Let me know any ideas you have." A.T. "Congratulations on your CD release! Had to wait for an opportunity to listen from beginning to end. SPECTACULAR!!! Excellent performances and arrangements! My favorite of course is 'Banjo Angel', Goose Bump effect kicked in heavily on 'Layover Blues', like a scene out of a classic movie-great story telling! The Tear effect grabbed me deeply on 'Lovin' a Beautiful Day' - I get it...I know all the players...a great ode and message to a great man and a song everyone will relate to, I love it well done. 'Keep Your Ship Sailin'' & 'Scrap Iron' also stand outs. Great arrangement on 'Wild Rover', good finale number. All in All I give it an 'Excellent' rating...1. Excellent 2. Good 3. O.K. 4. A Bore 5. Seriously!?! Thanks for the inspiration!" M.P. "Incredibly nicely done ! ! ! Looks like all original stuff, eh?... Boy, it looks like a little work went into that stuff. I especially like that song, 'Banjo Angel'. Reminds me of my Uncle Ace, who taught me to play the mandolin. He's been gone from us for a number of years, but he was a player until he died at almost 90 years old. (Taught us all that old Bob Wills stuff). Nice job on the jacket, too... with pictures and the words. Well put together. I'll have a chance on Thanksgiving to introduce this to my brother. (He's a player, too, and this is also his kind of music). He and his son are coming up from Los Alamitos for Thanksgiving dinner. His son is turning into a pretty good fiddle player -- at 15 years old. (My brother knows... you gotta raise a boy right... you put an instrument in his hands) ! ! !" D.H. 'Hey, Ron, got the new CD and love it. Great job. I recognized (the) story in one of your songs. Well done, my man.' KW 'Thanx for the CD of Ron's, I love it! He sounds a bit like John Denver with some Irish Gaelic. Please let him know I really like it...!!! J. & D. W.'

1.1 Banjo Angel
1.2 Keep Your Ship Sailin'
1.3 Layover Blues
1.4 Lovin' a Beautiful Day
1.5 Little Buddy
1.6 Auld Man Sea
1.7 Night Shift
1.8 Scrap Iron
1.9 That Picture
1.10 Wild Rover

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