Ron Taylor Band

Ron Taylor Band: Crazy Love Jazz

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ron Taylor Band

Artist: Ron Taylor Band
Title: Crazy Love Jazz

Everyone on this CD was chosen for their unique sound and as an homage to the blending and celebration of talent, culture and diverse musical styles. This CD is who we are, heart and soul, and our best attempt to capture all the nuances and influences of all the things that transfix, shake us up and drive us to eat, breathe and live jazz. It all starts with 'Once Is Not is Enough'... an incredible vehicle that continues to build from one solo to the next. Sort of Eddie Palmeri meets John Coltrane. By the end of the Piano solo the cats are on fire. You'll want to hear it again just to see how it got there. The haunting melody on 'After All These Years' under scores the funky little Motown vibe that is full of promise and hope and love lost but he possibility of.... 'For Heather' is just a flat out beautiful tune with such melodic solo work by Ron, Jacques, and Gary you'll walk away humming this one as it brightens your day. 'It Just Happened' is another tune that just keeps building. This is what some might call a musician's tune. But the layman will have no trouble getting into the fast horn riffs, funky rhythms and constantly changing landscape that will leave you breathless by fades end. Ah 'Sheila'!!! This pretty, Caribbean, Samba, Bossa Nova, Funky, Bebop tune sums up the cross cultural bundle of joy that is the love of Ron's life. You can study this tune to see if you can pick out all the influences that make the whole or sit back and let it have it's way with you. 'Something Else' is just that. Starting innocent enough, Ron's solo 40 seconds hints at another side, where he tests his high-end, just before handing off to Gary's smoking, yet beautiful work. (Lyle Mays fans will love this 75 seconds of ivory.) But Ron's second solo seals this tune's fate with an all out assault where, for a moment he seems to have lost all control, but just then comes back, and then, it's over.... Truly something else! 'Unsung Heroes' is a musical representation of all those we don't hear about on your nightly news, but perhaps we should. You know who they are. Each with their individual story... rising and falling, falling and rising, and..., but all have a seemingly endless percussion of passion that drives their heart. A fitting conclusion to this set of music, 'Moonlight In Vermont' is a quiet evening at a lakeside cottage, the slight chill in the air that makes being under the comforter more comforting, the sound of small waves lapping against the shore. Take a deep breath, relax, and, let it happen. So that's it, some call it crazy, some call it love, but in the end, it's all jazz.

1.1 Once Is Not Enough
1.2 After All These Years
1.3 For Heather
1.4 It Just Happened
1.5 Sheila
1.6 Something Else
1.7 Unsung Heroes
1.8 Moonlight in Vermont

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